Kingscourt News 19th December


Credit  Union   AGM ;

There was a large attendance of members  at the Annual General Meeting of  Kingscourt Credit Union, which was held in the Matt Talbot Hall  on  Wednesday  18 th. December. 

In the chairperson’s  report (Mr. Brian Rafferty) stated despite very difficult trading conditions our credit union successfully continues with its core business of saving and lending  to its members.  Our shares, which have been decreasing in recent years, have now stabilised at € 34.5 million- the same as last year. Our loans, however, continue to reduce – down to € 9.1 million,  a decrease of € 1 million on last year.

The message I would  like send from this meeting is that the Credit Union is in a very strong financial position. We have funds  to lend and unlike other financial organisations we are lending.

The Credit Union continues to involve itself in community affairs, with donations to many local charitable causes  and offer sponsorship to a variety of organisations . We support our local   schools/students with primary school step up grants and third level scholarships. We  successfully organise school quizzes and art competitions.   The credit union  Car Draw every 2 months attracts tremendous interest and affords the credit union very valuable publicity.  He  thanked the Board of Directors,  supervisors, manager and staff  for their selfless work during the past year.

At the meeting  a draw  was held 16   step up grants  to students  as follows, @ € 150  each  also 14 Third level  scholarships @ € 750  each .

Members loans granted during the year amounted to € 3,873,242

The  Credit Union since its founding in 1971  has provided a very valuable service to its members and wider community and now has over 7,000  members.

Christmas Mass Times;

On Christmas Eve;  Church Of the Immaculate Conception, Kingscourt, 6.00pm  Family  Mass,  Candlelight  Mass,  Muff Church ,  vigil  Mass

Christmas Day;  Mass, St. Joseph’s Church, Corlea,  Kingscourt Church ,  & 12.Noon, Masses.

Christmas Party ;

Social Services, Christmas Party, on Sunday 12 th. January  2014, at in Cabra Castle Hotel, booking  at  “The  Well”  before 6 th. January

Christmas Festivities ;

During the past  few weeks  there has been  a considerable build up in the town, as shoppers make their way in seeking out that special present in time for Christmas, with most parking spaces occupied. All shops in the town are full of gifts and suitable presents to suit their needs.

There will be the usual influx of returning holiday makers  to spend the Christmas  festivities with their families

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