Kingscourt A History (book by John Gilmore)

Jonny-gilmore-crowd-book-cover-211x300Located near the Cavan – Meath border, Kingscourt, historically known as Dun – A – Rí, meaning ‘Fort of the King’, is a town rich in history, memories and stories.

Kingscourt a History charts these very stories and memories as it delves deep into the historic archives that document places, landmarks and individuals who have all contributed to the character of the town.

Author, John Gilmore, is a life-long Kingscourt resident. It was John’s intention to produce a book that charts the history of Kingscourt and to discover all the interesting characters, businesses and events which would otherwise be lost to time.

Kingscourt was for quite some time a place waiting to be discovered. Its rich mixture of mountain and forest have been admired and talked about for years. Its now famous Dun – A – Rí Forest park and Wishing Well (thanks to Eilish Boland’s famous song Donnaree) exposed it to the countless visitors from home and abroad. But amid all its charm and beauty can be found relics from another world which is relatively unknown, it is with that in mind Kingscourt A History was published.

Kingscourt A History contains dozens of compelling old photos, curious newspaper clippings and interesting first hand testimonies, the likes of which have never been presented in one place.

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