St Ernans Church

St Ernans ChurchSt Ernans Church of Ireland , Kingscourt , County Cavan.The present church, standing on a hill overlooking the town, is a plain modern building with a nave, a gallery and a tower. It is the oldest in the diocese. It was consecrated in 1780 and dedicated to St. Ernan who died in the 7th century.

Church of the Immaculate Conception

kingscourt churchThe church was built in 1870. It is a fine example of gothic architecture, which is the design of Mr William Hague, Dundalk. It accommodates 600 people and was built for £10,000 by Rev. Peter O’Reilly P.P. The site of the church was the gift of Rev. James Pratt of Cabra Castle on a lease of 999 years for the payment of one peppercorn annually. Click here for more >>>

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Muff

imagesRecords show that there was a church since 1787. When Bishop Plunket visited the area in April 1798 he recorded, “compliments paid on the repairs of the chapel of Muffin which a new altar was erected”. It was T-shaped in structure and remained in use until 1858, when Fr. O’Reilly built the present church. Click here for more >>>

St Josephs Church Corlea

downloadThe church at Corlea appears on an Ordinance map made in November 1836 as a rectangular building. Alterations were made to it by Fr. Patrick Curry C.C. (1869-1871), when the chapel was enlarged and changed into its present cruciform shape. Click here for more >>>


 Cabra National School 

IMG_3879Cabra National School, Shercock Rd, Kingscourt.



St. Joseph’s  National School

download (1)St. Joseph’s  National School has a dynamic staff of 19 teachers and 4 Special Needs Assistants.
Each child is a complex individual with many and varied needs.  Through our school curriculum, we aim to cater for the full and harmonious development of each child. Click here for more >>>


Laragh Muff National School

download (2)The history of education in the Muff area can be traced back to the end of the eighteenth century and early nineteenth century. Reports of that time make reference to a number of “schools”, many of which would have been hedge schools or little better, held in very poor accommodation. Click here for more >>>


Carrickleck National School

Carrickleck-National-School-ThumbThere has been a school in Carrickleck for at least 175 years. In the early years, it is likely that the school was controlled by the Irish Society. When the motives of this Society were questioned, the school was closed. Another school was established in Carrickleck on May 19 1856. Click here for more >>>

St. Joseph’s National School, Corlea

St.-Josephs-National-School-Corlea-ThumbWhen one considers the Faith History of any parish, the first thing to come to mind is the local church and its history. The local school too, plays a very important school in the passing on of the Faith from generation to generation. Corlea School is a good example of this. Click here for more >>>

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